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Video: Temporary Disability Benefits in New York

Attorneys Elizabeth Perez and Greg Lois discuss the nuts-and-bolts of issuing temporary disability benefits – when the benefits are due, how much to pay, and when benefits can be stopped. They also discuss the new C-258.1 work search form issued by the Board on July 14, 2017 and the newly-changed rate of temporary disability compensation.

Subject: New York, Workers’ Compensation Law, benefits, Temporary Disability
Date Presented: July 17, 2017
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Perez and Greg Lois
Run time: 3306 Continue reading Video: Temporary Disability Benefits in New York

Explainer: Wage Replacement Benefits in New York

This articles provides a basic overview of the wage replacement benefit – temporary disability – in New York workers’ compensation claims. A workers’ compensation claimant is entitled to medical care and wage replacement. If the worker is killed by the accident, his dependents may be eligible for death benefits.

As set forth more completely in my book, when an employee sustains are injury medical benefits must be provided immediately. WCL § 13. There is no waiting period before medical benefits must be provided. Wage replacement (as discussed below) has a waiting period before benefits must be provided. WCL § 12.

​Wage Compensation: Cash Benefits.

Cash benefits are not paid for the first seven days of the disability, unless it extends beyond fourteen days. In that case, the worker may receive cash benefits from the first work day off the job. Continue reading Explainer: Wage Replacement Benefits in New York