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New York Webinar Series

The New York presentations are offered every month on the Third Monday in two sessions: 12:00PM EST and 3:00PM EST.  The course outlines and materials presented are the same in both sessions – the only difference is the time. Register here:

12:00 EST Session    3:00 EST Session

Archive of prior presentations is here

New Jersey Webinar Series

One Session, offered at 12:00EST on the “Fourth Monday” of the month. Register here:

12:00 EST Session

Archive of prior presentations is here.

Schedules and Information.

Handout materials are provided in advance of each session. The webinar courses follow the “life cycle” of a claim and correspond to chapters in the Workers’ Compensation Handbooks offered by the Firm.

Upcoming Webinars

Detailed syllabus and schedule available here. Here are some upcoming webinars:

New Jersey Webinar “Defenses in New Jersey (Common Defenses).”
Attorneys Karen Vincent, Esq., and Michael Gervolino, Esq., lead a presentation and discussion on c...
Defending from Day One: “Injured on the Job in New York – Now What?”
We go deep on the State-required initial contacts to the petitioner/claimant. Are you doing it right...
New York Webinar “The Going-and-Coming Defense (Arising Out Of and In the Course Of).”
Attorneys John Marzolla, Esq., and Kristen Kapur lead a presentation on the "Going and Coming" defe...
New Jersey Webinar “The Going and Coming Defense.”
Attorneys Joe Jones and Karen Vincent lead a presentation and discussion on the "Going and Coming"...
New York Webinar “Should I Pay Temporary Disability?” (Indemnity benefits)
Attorneys Jenna Flynn and Elizabeth Perez lead a presentation and discussion about when to issue te...
New Jersey Webinar “Do I Have to Pay Lost Time? (Indemnity Benefits).”
Attorneys Angiola Dipopolo and Michael Gervolino lead a presentation and discussion on lost time be...

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